Our practice is limited to endodontic procedures. Our goal is to try to save your teeth. We perform every endodontic procedure ranging from root canal therapy to advanced endodontic surgery. 


Clinical microscope:

The microscope allows us to see the inside of your tooth up to 20 times larger. This magnification allows us to better find the tooth canals, see fracture lines, localized broken instruments, repair perforation sites, do surgical endodontics, and diminish the loss of tooth substance. This advantage allows a more thorough treatment of your tooth in both non-surgical and surgical root canal procedures.


Digital radiography:

Digital radiography has replaced the traditional radiography in our office. It allows us to see the radiographs (X-rays) in just a few seconds, speeding up the treatment. The image of the tooth will be displayed on a chair-side computer monitor. This image is large enough for the patient to see, and can be altered using the computer program to provide diagnostic information. This allows us to easily show you what we see. In addition, digital radiography allows us to expose patients to far less radiation than the traditional film technique while providing us with a tool for patient education.


Rotary endodontics:

The vast majority of our cases are done with highly flexible nickel-titanium rotary instruments. The treatment is faster with the rotary instruments which are now the standard in the dental field.

Dr Diana Swanson - treating patient